Connection Classes


Connection Classes meet on Sunday mornings during the services. These classes are taught by Kirkmont members and vary each semester. Because there are classes during both service times, you can choose to go to Connection Class and then the service, or service and then a Connection Class.
9:00-10:00 AM
The Gospel Project
The Gospel Project is a program designed to align biblical lessons between parents and children. This course begins in Genesis and reveals how the truth contained in each text of Scripture, from the very first verse, points us to Christ. Working in conjunction with the Kids’ Sunday School classes, the goal of this class is to give parents and families a coordinated look at the truths of Scripture that they can take home and grow in together.
Meets in the Library.
Covenant Theology
The God of the Bible is a covenantal God.  From Adam to Jesus, through-out all of Scripture, God is making and renewing His covenantal vows to His people.  In fact, seeing the whole text of Scripture through the lens of this truth is crucial for how we see ourselves as the church.  This class is aimed at college students and young adults, though anyone is allowed to attend. The class will take an in-depth look at the concept of God’s covenant and how we apply this truth to our lives as members of God’s Kingdom.
Meets in Room 307.
The Gospel of John-Part 1
“In the beginning was the Word…” Written by Jesus’ beloved disciple, the Gospel according to John is the most unique of the four gospels. John’s simple and delicate writing style allows even the most novice reader to access the profound grace of our Lord. Yet, his intimate knowledge of Jesus’ teaching challenges even the most mature of Christians. This course will walk verse by verse through this treasure trove of the truth of God’s grace.
Meets in Room 311.

10:30-11:30 AM 

The book of Ecclesiastes is a bit of a mystery to many Christians. Written by King Solomon in his old age, there are a number of verses from this text that many Christians can quote from memory. But there are far fewer Christians who know its central message. This class will be a walk through each of the chapters of this book, exploring the mysterious wisdom that God reveals to us in this text.
Meets in the Library.