Connection Classes


Connection Classes meet on Sunday mornings during the services. These classes are taught by Kirkmont members and vary each semester. Because there are classes during both service times, you can choose to go to Connection Class and then the service, or service and then a Connection Class.
9:00-10:00 AM
The Gospel Project
One of our core convictions here at Kirkmont is that the family is the God-ordained place where the faith of the parents is passed on to the children. The Gospel Project is our Sunday School class designed to do just that. Families of all types can work through the entire Bible together and grow closer to one another as they grow closer to Christ. Working in conjunction with the Kids’ Sunday School classes, the goal of this class is to give parents and families a coordinated look at the truths of Scripture that they can take home and grow in together.


Meets in Room 120.
Reformed 101
Here at Kirkmont, we talk about being a Reformed church in a Reformed denomination. What, exactly, does that mean?  Join us for an introduction to the history and tenets of Reformed theology. Using R. C. Sproul’s What Is Reformed Theology? as a guide, we’ll be looking at the foundations of Reformed theology with special emphasis on what has come to be known as the Five Points of Calvinism.
Meets in Room 127.
Mere Christianity – (Young Adult Friendly)
C.S. Lewis is one of church history’s most unique voices. While only a lay theologian, his unique blend of children’s fiction, history, fantasy and Christian apologetics allows him to appeal to a wide range of readers.  Mere Christianity is arguably Lewis’ most popular book, and for good reason.  His down to earth style mixed with his brilliant intellect makes this introduction into Christian apologetics a must read for any Christian.  This course will be a walk-through of this timeless classic.


Meets in Fellowship Hall.


10:30-11:30 AM 

Foundations of Grace

Understanding the doctrines of grace provides a clearer picture of God’s mercy and His majesty.  From the lawgiver Moses to the Apostle John, there has marched onto the stage of human history a long line of godly men who have upheld the doctrines of grace.  In this course, we will follow Dr. Steven J. Lawson as he takes us on a heart-stirring survey of the Scriptures and their teaching on God’s way of salvation. Far from being a sixteenth century invention of the Reformation, from Genesis to Revelation, the Scriptures declare the message of God’s sovereign grace in salvation.

Meets in Room 120.