Global Ministries



H.E.L.P. for Nicaragua Clinic

Organization: H.E.L.P. for Nicaragua Ministry Location: Nicaragua In June of 2005, John G. Pearson opened the Santa Lastenia Health Clinic as an entry point for health care to serve approximately 4,000 people living in an isolated area of north-central Nicaragua. The clinic attracts locals from 10 or 11 villages within walking distance, the closest being 25km away. They arrive on foot, on horseback and in wheelbarrows. The clinic was opened to provide preventative care like nutrition, sanitation, vaccinations, prenatal care and education, as well as a witness to the love of Jesus Christ.


Tony & Tsering Malik

Organization: Global Outreach Mission Ministry Location: India Tony & Tsering support new churches and a couple of Christian schools. In addition, they run a guest house and training center to help other missionaries who are ministering to refugees.


Tom Salisbury

Organization: JAARS & Wycliffe Bible Translators Ministry Location: North Carolina Tom & Emily have returned to the United States after many years in Peru. They are now serving at the JAARS headquarters in North Carolina. Tom works in the Appliance Shop of the Construction and Maintenance Department at JAARS. Emily does Project Funding for the Americas (which includes Peru), preparing budget reports and handling funding proposals for the missionaries in the field.



Ministry Location: India These part-time missionaries travel to northern India for several months each year. They support local ministries which start Christian schools, plant house churches, and provide medical mission support. One of their primary services is to provide community health education to volunteers from the mountain villages.



Ministry Location: Asia Teaching at a university. The students come from various countries and are training to work in support of translation and literacy. Christian counseling for expatriates to assist them in maintaining emotional and spiritual health so they can remain effective in their callings.



Ministry Location: Africa Translating the Bible into a minority language and developing literacy materials (having the Word of God in their own language is useless if most of the people cannot read).