Prayer Opportunities



Staff Prayer

Our staff gathers every Tuesday for 45 minutes of prayer; we pray for various aspects of the life of the church as well as individual members.  Also, if you take the time as a visitor to fill out the visitor information card, we take the time to pray for you.  We always welcome your submitted prayer requests.

Session Prayer

Our elders are elected by the congregation to make decisions on their behalf.  They meet once a month and saturate their meetings with prayer.  We open and close in prayer and pray before each elder gives their report about their respective area of the church.  We’d be glad to prayer for your individual prayer needs as we meet.

Committee Prayer

We have various committees in the life of our church that pray for their area of responsibility as a part of each gathering; they’d be happy to pray for you as well.

Small Group Prayer

The best way to ensure you have close friends who know and pray for your needs is through participation in one of our connection groups.

Prayer Following Worship

We have people ready to pray for you immediately following our 2nd service.  Just make your way to the front of the sanctuary and look for the “prayer” banner.

Bulletin Prayer List

Names of those requesting prayer are listed in the bulletin for everyone in the congregation to remember in prayer.  To be listed here, the person needing prayer must give their permission.