What To Expect


Here Are Some Answers to Questions You Might Have
How long are your services? 
Our services usually last about an hour.
What will happen during the worship service? 
We won’t embarrass you.  We don’t ask visitors to identify themselves in any way because we want to create a comfortable environment for you to learn about God, the Bible, and Christianity. 
Take as much time to evaluate as you need.  We make our services as user-friendly as possible so you don’t have to have memorized prayers or know certain times to stand or sit. 
Having said that, we don’t put on a show for seekers. We believe the only way to really get to know what church is about is for us to be ourselves.  Since we believe God is worthy of our worship, that is our main focus.  To accomplish this, we have a few times of prayer in the service, some music, and a message from the Bible.  Feel free to participate at whatever level you’re comfortable. 
Generally, our 9:00 AM service is more traditional and our 10:30 AM service is more contemporary.
Will I be expected to contribute financially? 
No!  We don’t think it should cost money to learn about Jesus, so we encourage visitors not to give financially.  Our offering is for those people who call Kirkmont their home church, have decided they want to worship God with a portion of their money, and support the mission of the church.
How do I dress? 
People come to Kirkmont in all different styles, from t-shirts to shirts and ties, from shorts to dress slacks, it really doesn’t matter to us.
What do I do with my children? 
Children, even noisy ones, are always welcome in our adult gatherings. Visit our children’s ministries page for all the wonderful opportunities we have for your kids on Sunday mornings.
Who’s invited? 
We can’t stress this enough-EVERYONE! That means you.  Kirkmont is composed of people who come from all kinds of different backgrounds.  So no matter what you’ve done (that you don’t think we or God would agree with), or no matter what you haven’t done, we’d love to have you visit us.